The Spirit of Techno Arrives in Cape Town


The legend of the Carabao spirit has announced their arrival to South African shores as they partner up with SpiltMilk event designers on the 1st of September to launch the taste of Carabao Energy at the TechnoDome festival taking place at the Green Point cricket club. 2000 techno-loving festival goers will be some of the first people in South Africa to taste Asia’s top selling premium energy drink which promises to give guests the stamina of the Carabao water buffalo with half the amount of sugar to it’s global competitor energy drink products.

Headline acts who will be making their way to the dance floor will include;  headline act, Kevin De Vries (BER), STAB Virus, Cody Meyer, Doggstarr from ToyToy (JHB) and other surprise acts from near and far. Be the first to feel the spirit of the Carabao Energy before tickets are sold out by visiting the ticket link below:

Tickets are priced at R330 pp.

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