The Fighting Spirit of Carabao

Bringing the fighting spirit of the Carabao to South African shores, Thailand’s premium energy drink offers consumers a refreshing taste profile in terms of flavour, carbonation and low-to-no-sugar content. With less than 14.9 grams of sugar per can, Carabao is available in Mandarin Orange, Green Apple, Green Apple Sugar Free and Original.

Developed by the Bob Marley of Thailand, Aed Carabao, to celebrate victories and struggles of the people of Thailand. Carabao’s music gave them hope while the great-tasting energy drink give them vigor. Carabao will be available to purchase in South Africa later this year.

Carabao drink was brought into the country by Sui Generis, a Cape Town based importing company which specialises in luxury FMGC. “Following eight months of back and forth emails, endless meetings and countless hours of research into legislation, the first two containers finally arrived in South Africa. The excitement, enthusiasm and overwhelmingly great response on Carabao’s great taste has been phenomenal,” says James Scott, Managing Director of Sui Generis. “We can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on a can.”

With a limited number of cans in the country, Capetonians will be the first to get their hands on the energy drink at selected bars and events around the city, the first of which will be SpiltMilk, a TechnoDome festival taking place at the Green Point cricket club on Saturday, 1 September.

Based on the South-East Asian Water Buffalo, Carabao packs stamina, strength and determination into each can giving a great tasting, refreshing, boost to get through the day. Carabao has been built on the idea being able to bring global communities together over the same common sporting and entrepenurial goals; building team spirit, supporting physical power, discovering extraordinary stamina and recognising the unbreakable spirit that we as South Africans can all identify with. Carabao is the official sponsor of the Chelsea Football Club, Reading Football Club and the Carabao Cup, formally known as the English Football League, more commonly known as the EFL.

“With the excitement of the Carabao Cup rife in the air, we will be sending a handful of supporters to the UK to watch their teams play live in the Premiership, with the opportunity to meet the Chelsea football team or even watch the finals in a private box,” says Scott.

The Carabao Cup will commence on the 15th of August for viewers across the globe to witness the brand philosophies recognized by those atheletes performing in the English Football League.

For more information about Carabao and where to get your hands on a can, follow their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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